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Start your own successful business with PunctureSafe. Flexible packages from £1,500 to £2,998 plus VAT for stock only, including a postcode exclusive area. No management fees or royalties. You will be able to provide a unique, permanent puncture prevention treatment to businesses and individuals.


Master Licence opportunities also available worldwide.

About us...

PunctureSafe Factory ImageOperating from our UK headquarters in Exeter, we manufacture and distribute a unique high grade puncture preventative for all “on road” and “off road” vehicles, “touring caravans” and “trailers” that is outstanding at sealing punctures. We have developed our range to offer a comprehensive array of products for all vehicle owners across the UK. The Puncturesafe formulation has undergone development under every type of condition. No one does it better because no one matches the PunctureSafe commitment to research and development.


Since the establishment of our business, we have grown at a phenomenal rate and the demand for our product has grown so much that we are now offering Regional packages to suitable licensees to distribute or install our high quality products to businesses and individuals in their own exclusive operating territory. We simply cannot cope with servicing the UK market place ourselves and wish to focus entirely on just manufacturing this unique product. Today, many more companies and individuals are looking to save costs, and this product is a green product in demand. There is already a potential of 350,000 plus vehicles in each Postcode Area, which our current distributors are capitalising on. The PunctureSafe opportunity is also ideal as an additional add-on to an existing business. Now is your chance to become part of this growing business, by investing in a PunctureSafe business.

The Benefits of Investing in PunctureSafe...

PunctureSafe Installation Image

Training and Support:

PunctureSafe Office image The PunctureSafe UK, management and technical, can support you in the beginning, and as your business grows knowing what you do, and how and when you do it, comes from experience which PunctureSafe UK will willingly share with you.  We work as a team.  Our success in the UK has given us a full understanding of the quality, professionalism, and customer service satisfaction required from the UK market place.  As an additional feature we will share information and/or business knowledge through our growing network of distributors. 


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Royal Mail... PunctureSafe UK was formerly a supplier to Royal Mail, having three times been awarded either one or three year contracts that had run consecutively, to supply permanent puncture prevention for their 32,000 vehicle fleet.

PunctureSafe Contract image Many companies supplied Royal Mail with their tyre sealant in small trial quantities for them to test, however at the conclusion of these trials PunctureSafe UK was awarded a contract to supply Royal Mail with permanent puncture prevention treatment throughout the UK and Northern Ireland - testament to both the consistently high performance and cost-effectiveness of PunctureSafe.


Some companies had offered their tyre sealant at very low prices and Royal Mail experienced some major problems with one of these sealants supplied by another manufacturer who initially joined us in a dual supply contract. As problems occurred over time with the cheaper sealant, the dual supply contract was quickly changed to an "exclusive contract" for PunctureSafe UK.


At the end of the initial first year contract it was proven to all concerned that cost cutting is not a wise option - in this day and age we only get what we pay for - and indeed sometimes we don't even get that. Our closely guarded manufacturing process produces a unique world class product, so PunctureSafe worked continuously and over time did not cause any issues in the very hot and hostile environment inside the tyres of Royal Mail's high speed vehicles.


The Royal Mail supply chain buyer (contracts manager) informed us that PunctureSafe was very beneficial and successful because downtime from tyre related problems had been significantly reduced. He also stated that service levels from PunctureSafe UK had been excellent and very professional. He put this in a written testimonial to us, a first for any supplier of products to RM.

Testimonial :- Sussex Cars Ltd.

Further to my conversation today I am happy for you to use the following testimony:- "Sussex Cars Ltd have been selling and servicing Smart cars for over a decade, supplying nearly 3000 cars during the last 12 years, and carrying out 12,500 services over the same period. We offer PunctureSafe to all our customers when they purchase a car and 86% of them will have the product before they collect their new purchase. Almost everyone of them will have PunctureSafe when they replace the car. Talking with the customers the reason they like PunctureSafe is peace of mind that they get, knowing that the vast majority of punctures are not going to be a problem. I cannot recommend the product enough both as a profit centre and as a security for our clients.

Andrew Shipp, Sussex Cars.

The Market


Where is the market? ...


Every vehicle or trailer with tyres!


PunctureSafe - a unique tyre safety system


The Race For The Poles


PunctureSafe Anchorage, Alaska imageBobby Ducarre - PunctureSafe Alaska, our Northernmost distributor. Bobby said that installing PunctureSafe into the tyres of these huge trucks of the many mining and quarry companies in Alaska, is all in a days work.


Picture right - This truck owned by the mining company featured, had a puncture that could have had serious consequences, so they asked Bobby to install PunctureSafe into all their big trucks and vehicles.


Falkland Islands


Jack Baur - our Southernmost distributor based at Stanley in the Falklands, received an order for PunctureSafe from an exploration company on their way to UK territory in Antarctica, near the South Pole.


PunctureSafe Polar Bear & Penguin image

Mr Haji Jassim our official agent in the Middle East who is responsible for appointing Master Licence Holders with the ability to represent PunctureSafe UK in a professional way.


Anaseer truckOur exclusive distributor in Jordan was given training by Mr Haji Jassim and now has started installing PunctureSafe into 250 of these huge 125 tonne trucks.
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New York


PunctureSafe Manufacturing imageA small part of our manufacturing facility.

PunctureSafe Discovery Day:

PunctureSafe Car imageWhy not come and meet the team down in Devon on one of our open days.


Discover how we process our permanent puncture prevention treatment whilst enjoying our hospitality and of course the sausage rolls, sandwiches and scones with clotted cream.


Combine the day with a lovely weekend in Devon. We are just 2 minutes from junction 30 of the M5 and 15 minutes from the beaches of Budleigh Salterton, Sidmouth and Exmouth.



PunctureSafe LicenceLicencing:



Once accepted as our official distributor, our legal dept will issue you with an "Exclusive Distributor Licence Agreement Certificate" and/or a "Master Licence Agreement" that will give you legal authorisation for the Exclusive postcode or country you have exclusivety in.

UK manufactured and distributed worldwide

PunctureSafe UK Manufactured & Distributed Worldwide image


PunctureSafe International

Following our phenomenal success in the UK and with all the interest from all over the world we are now in the process of appointing Master Licence holders in every country. In only 2 years since we decided to go global, PunctureSafe is now supplied extensively worldwide. Prior to this we refused to supply overseas so as we could focus totally on our UK market. We get enquiries daily for distributing this unique product overseas, and from the remotest of locations such as Kathmandu, Nepal (next to Tibet) in the Himalayas!

Any company or individual, in a country that PunctureSafe is not established in, is invited to submit a proposal to join the PunctureSafe team as an International Distributor. We are interested in sharing our knowledge and expertise with enthusiastic people who can duplicate our success in their own country.

We do not charge a fee for this licence, but we do require that Master Licence holders have an excellent business capability and track record, with good finances in order to successfully build a solid PunctureSafe business. We can get you up and running quickly because we have all the equipment and master software which has taken us many years to build. If you can meet all our expectations please e-mail or call for an application form.


We are a victim of our phenomenal success.   Due to our swift and spectacular progression during the last 20 years because of the quality of our tyre sealant, others have tried to cash in on that success.  Overnight, individuals have appeared with very impressive web sites, looking like they are a “big company” hiding the fact they do not manufacture the tyre sealant they are selling under a “made up tradename”.   It is a fact that there are only 11 tyre sealant manufacturers in the entire world, the majority of whom make sub-standard sealants, and they will sell to anyone, at any price.  This has caused the creation of hundreds of worldwide tyre sealant resellers “overnight” giving rise to the myth that there are hundreds of tyre sealant manufacturers.  Anyone with website building knowledge and a skill with Photoshop, can, overnight look like they are manufacturing a good tyre sealant and also give the impression they have been trading for many years. 

We get visitors to our manufacturing facility who are absolutely amazed at what they see, due to the fact that previously they have visited what they thought was “so called tyre sealant manufacturers” in the UK, only to be hosted in people’s houses or in hotel lounges because there was no manufacturing facility.  On many occasion’s when there was, these visitors (to us) have also reported visiting dirty industrial units on run down industrial estates were the tyre sealant was mixed in 20 litre food mixers and at one particular building, mixing was done in a 30 litre yellow builders cement mixer. but the individuals responsible have amazing websites with exaggerated claims.  These companies have absolutely no research and development behind them. The problem is the market gets flooded with sub standard products with an extremely high liquid/water content and the many testimonials given to these companies were given before their product failed.


We strongly recommend that before a substantial investment is made with a supplier of a tyre sealant, that you visit their premises or at least ask that question “if I come to see you will I see a substantial manufacturing facility, or if any at all”, but we strongly recommend you visit any potential tyre sealant company for peace of mind.  It is against the law in the UK to put something on your website if it does not exist, so if a website shows substantial premises with mixing tanks then it probably does exist, if not, then it does not exist or it is not worthy of publication.

What you see on our website, is exactly what you will see if you visit us, and much more, you will see a real business with substantial premises with full time employees, many on a production line packaging the tyre sealant into the different containers such as the 20 litre barrels and the 1 litre DIY kits.  We are proud of our manufacturing/warehouse/office facility which has grown substantially over the years due to the quality of our tyre sealant, but it has come at a price because what we keep seeing appearing "overnight" is new "SO CALLED tyre sealant manufacturers" with attractive websites containing material copied from the PunctureSafe website. This is In-depth technical content that took years to establish with exhaustive testing, that is being copied to other reseller websites.

Britain is the workshop of the world for new inventions, we proudly earned that reputation during the Industrial Revolution. PunctureSafe is a Unique Chemistry, be in your Element with it!


Distributor Video that we e-mail to business 2 business companies

Puncturesafe UK Tyre Sealants image

Puncturesafe UK Tyre Sealants image



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