Puncturesafe UK - Undder Pressure, Don't be image To Help Avoid This
Puncturesafe UK - Puncturesafe seals punctures "As they happen"
Puncturesafe UK - Puncturesafe seals punctures "As they happen"
PunctureSafe - Seals Punctures "As They Happen"
Puncturesafe UK - A permanent seal, Extends tyre life, Improves fuel economy, Reduces downtime
PunctureSafe is more than a tyre sealant,
it is a tyre safety system that is
"outstanding at sealing punctures"
Puncturesafe Manufactured with FlexxaGel™
our most closely guarded trade secret

PunctureSafe is a
Unique Chemistry, be
in your Element with it
Puncturesafe UK - High Speed, Medium Speed, Low Speed & Light Speed
Puncturesafe UK - High Performance Grade   Puncturesafe UK - Heavy Duty Grade   Puncturesafe UK - Extra Heavy Duty Grade   Puncturesafe UK - Cycle Grade

Puncturesafe UK - High Performance Grade, Heavy Duty Grade, Extra Heavy Duty Grade & Cycle Grade

Developed &
in the UK


The International First Choice
Some footage courtesy of PunctureSafe Asia, our Master Licence distributor for Singapore

Not Magic, Just Science

Believe It, Achieve It


Installation video on our technical page


Footage from the BBC

Tomorrows World (2001)

Canisters similar to the one in this video are not available due to technical issues, because a good quality tyre sealant cannot be applied through a canister unless the essential components have been removed, which will reduce the sealants abilities, "significantly"